Halloween Candy Grabber STEM Challenge

A Halloween Candy Grabber is a great STEM challenge for Halloween. Children can investigate by making the grabber shorter and longer or add extra pieces like easy to hold handles or extra grippy bits on the claw part.

I added some teeth and an eye to make my grabber look more Halloween like, but you could make yours much scarier, or just leave out the decorations all together!

If you don’t want to use craft sticks, thick cardboard cut into strips also works well. Cardboard also has the advantage that you can use a pencil to make the holes for the split pins.

You’ll need

8-12 crafts sticks

Split pins

Drill to make the holes

Double sided tape

Googley eyes and other decorations – optional

Halloween candy grabber for a STEM challenge. Grabber is made from multiple craft sticks attached by split pins with teeth and an eye to look scary.

How to make a Halloween candy grabber

Step 1

Lay out the craft sticks and ask an adult to help drill a hole into both ends and the centre of each stick.

Craft sticks and split pins laid out on a white background

Step 2

Lay out the craft sticks like the image below, placing the holes over each other.

Craft sticks laid out on a white background for making a grabber

Step 3

Place a split pin through the centre holes of two craft sticks and check the sticks can move freely.

two craft sticks attached together with a split pin as part of a Halloween grabber

Step 4

Use the split pins to attach the sticks to each other like the image below. Keep going until you have at least 6 crafts sticks attached together.

Step 4 of instructions for a Halloween grabber

Step 5

Carefully cut one craft stick in half and attach both pieces to one end of the grabber. These can be fixed in place with either a split pin or glued.

The teeth and eye decorations are optional!

Final step of making a craft stick grabber for Halloween. Image shows craft sticks attached by split pins with teeth and a googley eye on the last section

Step 7

Test your grabber by pushing the two non decorated ends together, it should extend outwards.

Monster themed craft stick grabber for Halloween

More STEM ideas for Halloween

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Candy grabber made from craft sticks for a Halloween STEM challenge
Candy grabber made with craft sticks for a fun Halloween STEM challenge

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