Awesome Science Tricks for Kids

Here at Science Sparks HQ we love a bit of magic, whether it be a memory trick, slight of hand or even a bit of science magic. These 10 easy science tricks for kids are great fun and mostly super simple. The density one is a little tricky and potentially messy, but well worth the effort for the incredible end result.

Easy Science Magic Tricks

Skewer through a balloon

First up is the skewer through a balloon trick. Take care with this one, the skewer will be sharp and it might be worth having a few spare balloons around until you get the hang of it.

Top Tip – place a little vegetable oil on the parts of the balloon that the skewer will poke though and push the skewer through the thickest parts of the balloon.

Wooden skewer pushed through a balloon as a science demonstration.

Leakproof Bag

Impress your friends with an easy leakproof bag. All you need for this one is a sealable sandwich bag and some super sharp pencils.

children holding up a plastic bag of water with pencils pushed through it.

Top Tip – use very sharp pencils

Make a coin disappear

Did you know you can make a coin disappear using just a glass and water?

three glass jars and three coins for a disappearing coin trick

Remove the shell from an egg without touching it!

Try removing the shell from an egg without touching it and then bounce it. If the egg bounces easily try it on different surfaces to compare the difference.

If after all that you STILL have an intact egg membrane, try making the egg shrink and then grow again while learning about osmosis at the same time.

child holding an egg with no shell in a hand

How to Defy Gravity

Did you know you can defy gravity using a magnet and a paper clip? This clever trick is sure to wow an audience!

Shoebox decorated with flowers with a strong magnet attracting a paperclip to the top

Top tip – a strong magnet works best for this.

Always supervise children when using magnets

Egg in a Bottle Experiment

Watch an egg drop magically into a jar in this fun activity using air pressure ( not magic at all ).

How to make an unbreakable egg

With the shell on the egg this time, find out how to make an unbreakable egg.

child holding an egg wrapped in cling film

Colour Changing Flowers

Bored of plain white petals? Place them in water and food colouring to change the colour!

Transpiration flower - plant science for kids. Flower coloured with food colouring - great for demonstrating transpiration

Top tip – natural food colours don’t work for this.

Water that won’t mix

Do you know why the coloured water isn’t mixing with the non coloured water in the image below? It’s a little density trick. Add lots of salt to the lower layer ( making it more dense ) so the less dense water on top doesn’t mix with the denser coloured lower layer.

Two pint glasses balanced on top of each other. One is full of clear water and one water coloured blue with salt. the two do not mix as the salt makes the water in the bottom glass more dense than that in the top.

Top tip – this also works with warm and cold water. Warm water is less dense than cold water.

Floating Eggs and Sinking Lemons

Try to make an egg float or a lemon sink? It might be trickier than you think.

Child's hand pushing down on a lemon to make it sink

Top tip – remove the skin to make a lemon sink!

Transforming Milk and Cream

Finally, how about turning milk into glue? Or cream into butter?

Cream starting to curdle into butter - Butter in a jar - kitchen science for kids

Cool a drink in 3 minutes

Chill a room temperature drink in 3 minutes using just ice, salt and water!

a thermometer in a bowl of ice and water with a can of drink for a science investigation

Do you have any more science tricks for us?

density trick using two glasses of water with one containing salt so they don't mix. A Skewer through a balloon and pencils through a plastic bag filled with water.

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