5 physics experiments you can try at home

Physics is key to understanding the world around us. While some aspects may seem tricky to understand, many fundamental physics concepts can be broken down into simple concepts, some of which can be demonstrated using basic equipment at home.

This list of 5 physics experiments you can try at home is a great starting point for understanding physics and hopefully a source of inspiration for little scientists everywhere!

1. Archimedes and Density

The story behind Archimedes’ discovery of density is that he was asked by the King of Sicily to work out whether a goldsmith had replaced some gold from a crown with silver. Archimedes needed to work out if the goldsmith had cheated without damaging the crown.

The crown weighed the same as the gold the King had given the goldsmith, but gold is more dense than silver so if there was silver in the crown its density would

Top gift ideas for kids who love dinosaurs

If you’re searching for a dinosaur-themed gift, I’ve got some great ideas! Two of my children ( one little one and one teen ) are dino crazy, so I’m always looking for new dinosaur gift ideas. I especially like it if they have an educational angle or can be kept for a long time.

Dinosaur gifts for little ones

Toy dinosaurs

The best dinosaur toys we’ve found are the ones from Schleich. They can be on the more expensive side but are sturdy and of fantastic quality.

We’ve built up an extensive collection over the years, and I know they are something we will keep for a long time. My 5-year-old likes to line them up in size order or set up a dinosaur shop!

We’ve also used them for lots of science activities, like making dinosaur poo to learn about what dinosaurs ate.

Carnivore dinosaur poop

Fossil Kits

Fossil kits are

Parachute for an elf

Our elf arrived in style this year attached to a parachute. Unfortunately, the parachute got stuck on a plant, so he needed a replacement quickly.

This activity is a great festive STEM challenge and a fun elf idea.

Don’t forget I also have 24 days of FREE elf ideas you can print and use, including a parachute activity!

Parachute for an elf STEM challenge. Image shows a wrapping paper parachute attached to an elf stuck in a plant.

You’ll need

Gift wrap or brown paper



Hole punch

Four equal lengths of string

Christmas Elf


Cut a large square out of the gift wrap or brown paper and carefully use the hole punch to make a hole in each corner.

Thread a piece of string through each corner and tape it in place.

Tie the other end around the elf.

Hold the parachute high in the air and drop!

Parachute elf STEM challenge. Image shows a parachute made from gift wrap and string

Which forces act on a parachute?

Two main forces act on a parachute. These are gravity and drag

Halloween Print and Experiment Pack

This Halloween print and experiment pack is a free download containing FIVE easy science experiments using mostly the paper they are printed on and a few extras ( paperclip, scissors, a torch and water).

It’s perfect for some free, simple and educational Halloween fun at home or school.

Cover of a free Halloween paper science experiments pack

Halloween Paper Science Experiments


Use the template to make three spinning spiders. Attach a paperclip to the ends of each one and drop from different heights or add extra weight to see how it affects the speed of the spiders fall.

spinning spiders template  for a Halloween science activity

2. Magic Opening Ghost

Carefully cut around the ghost shape and fold up the head, arms and legs. Place the folded paper ghost in a little water and watch as it springs open! This clever science trick works because the paper is made up of fibres which expand as they absorb water.

Magic opening ghost for a Halloween science activity

3. Pumpkin Shadow Puppet

Cut around

Waterproof a Christmas Stocking STEM Challenge

This very simple STEM challenge is great for younger children to start to learn how different materials have different properties.

The idea is to cover each stocking with a different material, spray it with water and then check to see if the stocking is still dry.

Children can also spend time designing the stockings before starting the investigation.

We kept our designs quite simple, but you can make yours much fancier.

Materials for a simple waterproof investigation. Template with 4 stocking shapes, tape, plastic bag, parchment paper and scissors

You’ll need

Felt tip pens

Different materials to test – kitchen foil, paper towel, plastic bag, paper, parchment paper, wax crayon etc

Tape – masking tape peels off nicely


Stocking printable sheet ( or draw your own )



Colour each stocking image with felt tip pens. The ink needs to be non-permanent or it won’t run when water is sprinkled on top.

Ask the children to feel and look at the different materials. It’s good to