Evolution of Reviews

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Buying things with our hard-earned money often requires a lot of thought. When you have worked hard to make money, you want to be sure that what you are using the money for is worth it. In most cases, you would have to make a scale of preference, strike out a lot of things and end up buying just what they deem is the most important. After all of these efforts, the last thing they would want is to order for a particular thing and then get something else or get something of lesser quality. In other to avoid all of these unnecessary issues, we always lookout for the best companies that can provide the company. Over the years, a major way people have chosen companies they can use is through reviews. However, the use of reviews or searches for review did not start in recent times. They have always been around. This article will highlight the various ways reviews have been gotten over time.


When a person is interested in a particular product or service, he might have observed somebody else that is using that particular service. For instance, a person who is building a house would need doors. If he has a neighbor or friend he has been visiting that has good doors, he would want to inquire about where he bought the doors. The neighbor or friend will subsequently give him the address and/or description of the place where the door was bought. The person would subsequently be able to trace the place and buy the door. It could also be a case of who helped you with your decoration during your last event, I want a similar decoration for my event or I love the work of the decorator.

By Asking from Friends

In some cases, they might not have seen the product with a person but they hope that the person would know somehow that can provide them with quality versions of those products. So they could randomly call such friends or acquaintances to ask if they know anywhere they can get a good quality of a particular product.

Newspapers and Magazines

A lot of people also read newspapers and magazines with the hope of finding references. A piece of news might just reference a particular company to have delivered quality products or a celebrity might have just mentioned that she uses a particular perfume. Immediately, some people who love and follow her will start using the same perfume.

Searching the Internet

In recent times, the Internet has now made it even easier to look for reviews. Unlike previous cases where you only rely on the review of a single person or a few people, you could get check through reviews from thousands of people for a particular product or company before you finally make your choice. Online reviews from websites like US-REVIEWS also come with a lot of other features such as overall rating, ratings based on specific factors before the full review. Thus, you could just use the rating to get a general overview of the quality of the company even if you do not have enough time to read through every review that has been left for the company.