Juvenile delinquency is now familiar to you as a parent, many teenagers do not think of the negative effects of their actions. Usually there are so many factors that they can do negative things, even though they know what they are doing is wrong. Many teenagers are easy and easy to influence and be influenced by their social environment such as rude sayings, gambling, drug users and drug dealers.

Mischief like this is usually caused by many factors for example because of family factors

when children feel unnoticed and lack of affection from the family especially from parents so, a child will feel lonely and the child will look for fun outside and they will get along freely with anyone they want. Environmental factors can also affect the good and bad behavior of children, if the environment around the child is good the child will behave well and vice versa when he is in an environment that is not good the child will behave badly, when at the age of adolescence children will be easily affected. And maybe because of lack of religious factors, this is because parents are not paying attention so the child does not get a good religious education, the child will be far from God.

The negative impact of juvenile delinquency

for himself and those around them. If not immediately conscious, he will grow into a person with a bad personality. Teenagers who do certain delinquency will certainly be avoided by many people, these teens will only be considered as bullies or useless people.

The impact on adolescents will experience “psychiatric disorders”. What is meant by psychiatric disorders does not mean crazy, but he will feel isolated in terms of socialization, feel very sad, or even will hate the people around him. From this juvenile delinquency it is the family who bear the shame, this is certainly very detrimental. Imagine if there is a teenager who is then affected by promiscuity, it is almost certain he will not have a good future. His life will slowly disintegrate and have no time to repair it.

It is better for parents to really be able to guide children and always give good direction so as not to fall into promiscuity

Parent love and attention is needed by children. And for teenagers must have an awareness that falling into promiscuity will make a bad future.