Tips to be an outstanding student in a Thai school

In Thailand, being a student with good academic performance is certainly everyone’s desire. But in practice, this is not easily realized by. Points for high achieving students are usually seen from satisfying student learning outcomes, for example by getting good grades or achieving grades in school. Other benchmarks can also be achieved in certain fields, such as sports, art, mathematics, etc. The choice of school becomes very important because it is a determinant of the future. Choose a school like St Andrews Sukhumvit international school, you can visit the website at

For those of you who want to be outstanding students at school, you can try applying the following tips:

Able to Effective Learning

For those of you who want to be smarter, you need to master effective learning skills. If you are able to master effective learning, it will be easy for you to get satisfying results. Because you already know how to master learning material quickly. The result, during the test or test, you can complete the questions well.

Active In Learning

The activeness in learning is usually marked by the activities of students who like or frequently answer questions raised by the teacher. In addition, students also actively ask the teacher about things that are not yet understood. Being active is very important so you can quickly find the subject matter. With an active attitude, you will always be motivated to find material to the conclusion.

Work diligently and do homework assignments

When you want to be an outstanding student, you must be diligent in doing the assignments and homework given by the teacher. This you can use to be an additional value from test scores and also tests. Diligent and timely work on assignments can be a plus point for teacher assessment.

High motivation

Being a student who excels certainly does not come by itself, because it requires encouragement and high motivation. Therefore, it is important that you always have a strong motivation. This motivation will move you to achieve high achievements. You will try hard to make it happen.

Able to Manage Time Well

To be able to achieve achievements, you must be good at managing time correctly. As a student, your activities are not just about learning. But there are other activities such as playing, socializing, and helping parents. With good time management, all your activities can be completed correctly.

Have a Good Attitude and Behavior

In general, teachers tend to be more interested in students who have good attitudes and behaviors. Why does this affect student achievement? Because attitudes and behaviors are also included in the element of educational assessment. Therefore try to be a student with good attitude and behavior.

Have Determined Achievement

Most children who excel have a strong determination to achieve the best results. Therefore, students will try to learn in order to get maximum results. The principle of children with superior mentality is “today must be better than yesterday”. With this principle, students will try to get better every day.

So, those are some tips for becoming an outstanding student at school that you can apply. Hopefully, you can get the best results.