Top gift ideas for kids who love dinosaurs

If you’re searching for a dinosaur-themed gift, I’ve got some great ideas! Two of my children ( one little one and one teen ) are dino crazy, so I’m always looking for new dinosaur gift ideas. I especially like it if they have an educational angle or can be kept for a long time.

Dinosaur gifts for little ones

Toy dinosaurs

The best dinosaur toys we’ve found are the ones from Schleich. They can be on the more expensive side but are sturdy and of fantastic quality.

We’ve built up an extensive collection over the years, and I know they are something we will keep for a long time. My 5-year-old likes to line them up in size order or set up a dinosaur shop!

We’ve also used them for lots of science activities, like making dinosaur poo to learn about what dinosaurs ate.

Carnivore dinosaur poop

Fossil Kits

Fossil kits are great for slightly older children. We’ve found the National Geographic fossil kits to be fantastic value, and once the digging is done, the fossils can be kept to look at again and again.

National Geographic fossil Kit

Dino Bones Matching Game

This Dino Bones game is BRILLIANT; it’s like matching pairs, but with dinosaur bones, some dinosaurs have more than two cards making it extra challenging.

dinosaur bones matching pairs game

Yellow Door also has some great dinosaur bones that can be used for measuring, lining up and making shapes. These come in a little bag for safekeeping.

Dinosaur Playmobil

We have some dinosaur Playmobil sets that we love too! You may or may not like that they come with people!

Dinosaur Playmobil set

Dinosaur BINGO

We have the bug version of Dinosaur Bingo, and it’s just beautiful. The game also has lots of fun facts and weird and wonderful dinosaurs you might not have heard of before.

Dinosaur Gifts for Older Kids

Dinosaur Monopoly

My kids love Monopoly in all its forms, so the dinosaur version has been a huge hit. It’s just like the more traditional game, but with dinosaurs instead of street names, and you buy tents and jeeps instead of houses and hotels.

Dinosaur LEGO

There are some fantastic dinosaur LEGO themed sets available. We especially like the Jurassic Park sets.

Dinosaur Top Trumps

Don’t forget Dinosaur top Trumps! This is an excellent game for taking out and about and a fun way to learn a lot about dinosaurs simultaneously.

Dinosaur Trivial Pursuit

We’ve found Dinosaur Trivial Pursuit to be VERY challenging; it’s definitely for those who know a LOT about dinosaurs!

Dinosaur Baking

Dinosaur cookie cutters are a great gift for a dinosaur fan who loves to bake. Or a dino baking kit could be good as well.

Dinosaur room decorations

Lights4Fun has some lovely LED string dinosaur lights. These would look great around a desk or bed.

dinosaur string lights for a room decoration - part of a collection of gift ideas for kids who love dinosaurs

If you want to go all out, how about an inflatable dinosaur costume?

Another place to look for more unusual dinosaur gifts are museum shops. The Natural History Museum online store in the UK has some lovely ideas. We especially like the dinosaur stocking and tree topper.

Can you think of any more gifts for kids who love dinosaurs?

top gift ideas for kids who love dinosaurs

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Last Updated on December 5, 2022 by Emma Vanstone